Company Overview

Heartland Gas Pipeline, LLC ("Heartland")
is an Indiana based limited liability company. Heartland is a 50/50 joint venture equally owned by (a) Citizens By-Products Coal Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Citizens Gas & Coke Utility ("Citizens") and (b) ProLiance Transportation & Storage-Heartland, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ProLiance Transportation & Storage, LLC, which in turn is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ProLiance Energy, LLC.

Regulatory Authority:
Heartland filed a Petition with the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission ("IURC") on September 20, 2004, in Cause No. 42729 requesting a certificate of public convenience and necessity and an indeterminate permit for the construction and operation of a proposed natural gas pipeline, approval of certain transportation and storage agreements, approval of a Gas Tariff to be applicable to Heartland's transportation and storage agreements and authority to finance construction of the pipeline. On the same date, Citizens filed its Petition in Cause No. 42730 for approval of an agreement and terms and conditions pursuant to which it would provide certain storage services to Heartland. On October 8, 2004, Heartland and Citizens filed a motion to consolidate Cause Nos. 42729 and 42730, on the grounds that they involve common issues of fact and law and are sufficiently interrelated as to warrant consolidation.

On October 5, 2005, the IURC issued an Order approving the matters requested by Heartland and Citizens in Cause Nos. 42729 and 42730. The following link is the complete order issued by the IURC on that date: [Heartland Order 10-05-05.pdf] In Cause No. 43323 Heartland requested some changes and additions to the original approved Gas Tariff. The IURC approved these filed changes on December 12, 2007. Heartland filed on August 1, 2008, in Cause No. 43547, to change the Fuel Retention Factor associated with its Storage Services. The IURC approved the lower factor of 0.5% on December 17, 2008, wtih the change to be effective on January 1, 2009. The following link will take you to the currently approved and effective tariff: [Heartland Combined Tariff]