North Coast Gas Transmission, LLC Portal

Company Overview

North Coast Gas Transmission LLC operates a 266 mile natural gas pipeline originating in Cygnet, Ohio and ending east of Cleveland, with an additional leg which runs south to north from Marion to Toledo, Ohio. Originally built to transport petroleum products, North Coast converted the line to transport natural gas and began operating the pipeline in September 1998. In November 2002, North Coast boosted line capacity by adding 6,720 H.P. of compression and currently provides natural gas transportation service for a diverse group of local distribution companies, end-users, and market aggregators in Northern Ohio.

The North Coast pipeline allows Ohio natural gas users to access gas supply at the Chicago Hub, an aggregation point for virtually every gas producing basin in the U.S. and Western Canada, including the Gulf Coast, Rocky Mountain, Hugoton, Permian, Alberta and when developed, the North Slope Basins. This supply diversity combined with North Coast�s low cost transportation route allows Ohio users to access competitively priced gas supply.